ConservatorPro -

Information Management made simple for Conservators

ConservatorPro can help your firm by:

Providing Built In Reporting

ConservatorPro provides several reporting features, including the Conservator Invoice form that can be submitted for billing for services. Data can also be exported into other formats, such as Microsoft Excel.

Improving Efficiency

ConservatorPro was designed with a busy office in mind. Your client’s information is stored in a central database, in an organized fashion, for easy retrieval and reporting.

Keeping Accurate Records

ConservatorPro is designed to maintain client data based on the requirements of the State of Connecticut Probate Court. Stored data includes client demographics, conservator and provider information, assets and liability information, income and expense payment history and services rendered on behalf of the client.

Being User Friendly

The front-end screens provide easy viewing, navigation and data entry. Pick lists streamline data entry and search features make finding client information quick and easy.

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"Your program has been such an asset to my work as a conservator. In our legal business time is money and this program has made my work much more efficient and easier to keep accurate records. Additionally, the program is easy to use and navigate. Thank you!"

- Law Office of Chad G. Greiner